Installation of high pressure process pipelines

We install stainless steel pipelines for various purposes. Mainly for water at a working pressure of 70–80 bar in mist spray nozzle cooling and air humidification systems. The works are performed by certified welders together with qualified installers.

Basic operations:

  • welding of tungsten electrodes in argon, including blowing from the inside, round stainless pipes with 8-33mm diameter at high pressure
  • welding of round and square stainless pipes of any diameter at normal pressure
  • cutting of stainless pipes, stripping and degreasing of edges of the connected parts
  • flushing and purging of pipelines, etching and grinding of joints
  • hydrostatic testing of finished pipelines for pressure of 100–130 bar
  • preparing and laying pipelines in trenches or installation systems
  • welding and piping of pumping units

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