Completed projects

Since 2011, we have completed more than 500 projects of misty cooling and humidification of the air,   dust suppression. Projects   different sizes, in different industries, in different cities and countries. Below we have selected a small number of projects in some industries. If your industry or application is not listed, then we will be able to prepare for you a separate sample of objects and projects on your topic.

Our customers include X5 Retail Group (Perekrestok and Karusel stores), Gazprom Sera, UC RUSAL (Kindia Bauxite Company), Mega / IKEA in   Omsk and Krasnodar, Mosinzhproekt, TPO Reserve, KP UGS , textile factories Krasnaya Vetka, Melange Textile, TDL Textile and Trinity Worsted Factory, Zavolzhsky and Meleuz meat processing plants, Ritz-Carlton hotels in Moscow and Vienna, greenhouse complexes Gavrish, Maysky and Green line".