Installation of systems for foggy humidification, cooling, dust and odor suppression

We carry out all the necessary work for installation of high-pressure fog systems or low-pressure air-water fog. Depending on the task, the system may include:

  • pumping stations of high (7080 bar) or low (46 bar) pressure
  • measuring equipment (pressure gauges, pressure switches, humidity or pressure transducers)
  • shut-off and control valves (solenoid shut-off valves, ball valves, needle valves, pressure regulators, check valves)
  • water pipes for pumps (up to 6 bar)
  • automatic water preparation plants (deferrization, ion-exchange softening, mechanical cleaning, UV-water disinfection, reverse osmosis)
  • control cabinets (temperature and humidity control, schedule, protection
  • high-pressure water pipelines (7080 bar) for supplying water to nozzles
  • or low pressure pipelines for supplying water and air to two-phase air-water nozzles