TecnoCooling equipment and spare parts

«Санмек» — официальный дистрибьютор оборудования TecnoCooling (Италия) в России, Казахстане и Белоруссии

TecnoCooling is one of the global leading brands in producing of equipment and solutions for misting systems. TecnoCooling is a part of the Italian company Tecno.Mec which was founded in August 1979 in Reggio Emilia.

Company produces:

  • High pressure pumps (Breezy, Premium, Evolution, Professional, Arctic, Polaris, NT-Fog)
  • High pressure pumps with a varying capacity technology VAR for a complex multizone air humidification systems
  • i - Cooler and MobiCool - fully self-contained misting fans
  • nozzles, fittings and high pressure pipes
  • ball valves and high pressure electromagnetic valves
  • suspended, wall and floor fans (axis and centrifugal)
  • misting humidification and air cooling control and automation equipment
  • poles for Totem and Arch nozzles
  • automatic air-and-water air humidification system for low temperatures
  • Moskito Terminator, mosquito defense system
  • Apache fog guns for dust suppression
  • DeltaKEM and Evolution KEM high pressure pumps


Equipment is used for air humidification and cooling, suppression of dust and odor, misting. Main spheres of use:

  • Agriculture (greenhouses, poultry plants, piggery, livestock farms, wine-making)
  • Industry (textile, paper, printing house, metallurgy, mining, woodworking, construction materials production)
  • Storage and processing (tabaco, tea, fruits and vegetables, meat and cheese)
  • IT (data centers)
  • housing and communal services ( waste processing, waste water treatment)

Download TecnoCooling catalog in Russian and English languages(pdf, ~22 Мб).