Supply of spare parts for fogging systems

High Pressure Pumps

  • Installed high pressure plunger pumps
  • high pressure pumps
  • electric motors and couplings
  • repair kits (seals, cuffs, plungers, etc.)
  • pressure regulators, pressure gauges

Spray lines

  • nylon pipes (PA12) of various diameters, teflon sleeves with stainless steel sprigs, stainless steel pipes
  • fittings pipe threaded, welded, quick-release fittings slip-lock/push-in for nylon pipes
  • high-pressure nozzles and adapters for them, extenders, splitters, adjustable swivel joints
  • low pressure single and two-phase nozzles (water/air, ultrasonic)
  • filters and repair kits for injectors
  • fasteners and holders for pipes of all types


  • humidity and temperature sensors
  • pressure switches and converters
  • humidity meters-regulators
  • high pressure pump control units
  • 70–100 bar high pressure solenoid valves in brass or stainless steel


  • axial wall rotary fans
  • axial floor fans
  • suspended ceiling radial and axial fans
  • stand alone mobile fansI-Cooler and Mobi-Cool

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